Fishes, electronics, cats, and saturn

An eclectic concert hosted collaboratively by XiMe (U of A’s Experimental Improvisation Ensemble), Contempo Ensemble, MUSIC 470/570 Composition and Sonic Arts 2, and MUSIC 260 Composition.

Thirteen new works by Undergrad and Graduate composers will be premiered by UofA’s Department of Music ensembles XiMe and Contempo. Also Emily Casavant and Isael Huard will perform their own work, and the unique Will Northlich-Redmond will close the night with a memorable XiMe performance.

Join us! we promise there will be multichannel sound diffusion, fishes, interactive electronics, cats, trios, quartets, new conducting techniques, free improvisation, video scores, and even composers having nightmares with Saturn.

XiMe 2018 is Malaya BishopAshley WeckesserSean BorleGreg MulykThomas Woodrow MartinRio Houle & Jackson Hunter

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